Citrus fruit

Discover a selection of our juicy citrus fruit

Our assortment of products gets produced under the strict control and in accordance to the standard procedures of cultivation.

  • Clementine


    The main growing areas are in Calabria, other than which only Basilicata can offer another significant production. Most plantations today produce seedless clementines. The harvest lasts from late October to January.

    The common packaging formats are:
    wooden boxes and cardboard boxes, bulk or in layers
    net bags in different sizes

  • Zitrone


    Most production is in Sicily, where the region of Syracuse offers the best quality. Whereas it was common to grow them year round aided by technical intervention, nowadays the focus is on high quality fruit from October/November till May. We therefore offer not only conventional but also certified organic a biodynamic lemons.

    The usual packaging formats are:
    open wooden crates and cardboard boxes
    net bags and gyrsac

  • Orange


    The main production areas are Sicily and Southern Italy’s Ionian coast. The harvest lasts from November till May and the different varieties are available in succession with some overlapping: Navelinas, Navel, Tarocco, Moro, Sanguinelli, Ovali, Valencia Late, Lane Late.
    Some varieties mentioned above can be offered as certified organic and biodynamic produce.

    The usual packaging formats are:
    wooden crates and cardboard boxes in layers
    bags and net bags in different sizes

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