Demeter fruit and vegetables


Biodynamic agriculture

Demeter stands for produce of biodynamic agriculture. This ancient form of ecological, sustainable and organic agriculture has its official origin in the teories of Rudolf Steiner.

The cycle of nature

The core of the biodynamic agriculture consists in the preservation of its natural cycle. The ideal sees soil, plants, animals and humans sustaining each other, passing on the materials needed for the nurture of the other and thus closing its cycle.

  • Äpfel


  • Clementine


  • Endivien


  • Fenchel


  • Zitrone


  • Orange


Naturally – without chemicals!

A natural, selfmade supplement made from dung, plants and minerals increases the fertility of the soil in a sustainable way and helps the fruit and vegetables develop their characteristic aroma.

precise control

The indications Demeter producers need to follow cultivating their land biodinamically are much stricter than the EU-regulations for organic production. This benefits the quality of the produce as well as the entire environment.

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