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Our assortment of products gets produced under the strict control and in accordance to the standard procedures of cultivation.

  • Äpfel


    Thanks to advanced storage apples are available almost the whole year round. The most important varieties of our production in South Tyrol which we can supply are the following: Gala, Golden Delicious, Stark Delicious, Granny Smith, Fuji, Elstar, Braeburn, Pink Lady, Pinova etc. Some varieties are even labelled as of ”protected designation of origin”.
    The fruit is shipped in all usual packaging formats, e.g.
    In cardboard boxes and wooden crates,
    In foodtainers and poly-bags.

  • Aprikosen


    The main areas producing for export are in Southern Italy and in Emilia, meaning that we can supply from June till early August. Several new modern plantations with completely new varieties can be found in the Ionian region. The most common packaging formats are:
    boxes with 5 kgs net
    punnets10x1 kg, 6x500g

  • Kiwi


    Production areas are Lazio and Northern Italy. We can supply from mid/late November till May depending on ripening conditions.

    cardboard boxes 1 layer or balk
    baskets 10X1 kgs

  • Melonen


    These are available in different varieties from May till December from various growing areas stretching from Sicily to Northern Italy.
    They are usually packed in cardboard boxes sold by number of units or standard weight.

  • Pfirsich

    Peaches and nectarines

    The largest production areas are located in the Southern regions as well as in Northern Italy, where the harvest occurs later. Produce can be supplied from the end of May till September. We have a very diverse range of both white and yellow-fleshed varieties. Sicily is increasing its market share for late varieties from September till October.

    The common packaging formats are:
    cardboard 1 layer with usually 7 kgs net
    cardboard in smaller units
    baskets 10X1 kg netted

  • Birnen


    The most important growing areas are in the Veneto and Emilia.The major varieties, which are available from September till late May, are:
    Dr Guyot (negligible quantities)
    Kaiser Alexander
    Abate Fetel

    Our standard packaging format is:
    cardboard 1 layer

  • Pflaumen


    The harvest starts in May in Southern Italy and continues in the Northern regions till September. The range of varieties is very diverse and changes during the season from early to late varieties.

    The most common packaging formats are:
    Bulk in cardboard or crates
    Baskets 10×1 kgs

  • Trauben

    Table grapes

    Table grapes are one of the major fruit varieties grown for export mainly in Sicily and in Apulia. The harvest begins in June and lasts till as late as December. The most important white varieties are : Victoria, Italia, Seedless Superior and Thompson Seedless etc.
    Black/red varieties include Black Magic, Palieri, Red Globe and seedless Kings Ruby.

    The most common packaging formats are:
    wooden crates and cardboard boxes in different sizes
    baskets with 500 and 1.000 grams
    carrybags in cardboard boxes

  • Wassermelonen


    These are grown from Sicily to Northern Italy and the harvest lasts from May to August. Different varieties (round, long or seedless) are available. More of the new mini seedless watermelons are grown year on year, and demand is rising steadily. Supplied by the box, either by number of units or by standard weight.
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