Our products and services

Your professional and confidential partner for high quality, for an excellent corporate planning and an advanced logistic processing!

Our product range includes…

Fresh fruit…

…superb vegetables…

…and juicy citrus fruits!

From our own production as well as from our best and proven suppliers we deliver products of high quality.

On the outdoor fields of our trustworthy italian producers…

…and in the modern greenhouses…

…we are there for you!

We find high class products and strive to fulfil your requirements.


Calibre, colour and quality:
Your wish is our command!


We offer any kind of common packing for your fruit and vegetables.
Of course we can organize personalised packing as well.

Our producers

Our producers have a team of agronomists to assist them in different sectors and areas of production. The agronomists analyze the level of quality of the various products and give helpful advice.
The plants are regularly visited by the consultants to assess the quality of the products and by our quality manager to ensure compliance with the requirements.