Our quality management

For your safety, for happy and healthy consumers.

Quality is when the customer returns and the product doesn’t

The satisfaction

of our clients and consumers is one of our most important principles. Thus we strive to deliver exclusively produce of the highest quality.

In order to do so we established an internal department for quality assurance.

Fields of responsibility

Organization of residue analysis
Managing certifications
Examination of labels
Product testing and assessment
Supplier audits


A transparent quality management covering every step of the fruit and vegetable cultivation is essential to ensuring our food safety and high quality.

Natural and healthy

We stand for a healthy product, grown in an intact natural environment.
Our producers have a team of agronomists to assist them in different sectors and areas of production. The agronomists analyze the level of quality of the various products and give helpful advice.

Periodical checks

The plants are regularly visited by the consultants to assess the quality of the products and by our quality manager to ensure compliance with the requirements.
Additionally the plantations are visited and inspected by our internal quality department officers. They analyze the quality of the produce as well as the compliance of the producers to various requirements.

We turn the requirements of our clients into our own requirements.

We make sure that the products are delivered in the specified quality, packaging and shape, in compliance with the client specifications. In order to guarantee the above we make periodical quality tests and assessments.

In order to ensure food safety we commit ourselves to compliance with current laws and the regulations of Hygiene Management Systems.

Our certifications

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Global Gap Chain

The certifications of our suppliers

All our suppliers are GlobalG.A.P. certified.
Part of our packing centres are IFS-certified.
Further certifications: ISO 9000, BRC, Organic, Naturland, Demeter…
Further Information is available upon request.